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Integration with marketing system

What to do, if you have several databases that are not well connected, and you need to establish a personalized connection with customers? One of the options is to integrate eSputnik into your business model using the BI-OS business analytics system

Power BI

We developing dash-boards in web, corporate portal


Retail FMCG

Consolidation of company performance indicators with unified methods to their calculation and interpretation.
Implementation of tools and techniques for strategic and tactical financial planning, payment control, receipt of inventory items

Database optimization

Increase MS SQL database productivity by 30% with standard Microsoft tools without reducing the data, but only by setting the rules for optimal storage

Strategic budgeting

Внедрение инструмента и методик стратегического и тактического финансового планирования, контроля оплаты, поступления ТМЦ

Power BI dashboards


Consolidation of the manufacturer`s and distributors` data, development of reports on monitoring the goal achievement and sales team work

Transport logistics

Consolidation of the carrier’s data, development of transport and shipment control reports


International shiping

Service rate

Warehouse logistics

Development of reports on retail space usage, staff, transport and storage area turnover indicators

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